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Imageshop is a market-leading media bank covering most needs. The users of Imageshop spans over mulitple industries, and the solution is continuously being developed with new and interesting functionalities. Below you can see some of the current users of Imageshop.

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  • Santander


    Santander Consumer Bank is a part of Banco Santander, one of the largest financial companies in the world. They use Imageshop as their Digital asset management system.

  • Norges fotballforbund


    The Norwegian Football Association are using Imageshop as their DAM system. They have seperate interfaces for the local branches, and centralized administration.

  • Sund og baelt

    Sund & Bælt

    Sund & Bælt are responsible for the operation of the largest bridges and roads in Denmark. They use Imageshop for internal distribution of their digital assets.

  • nsb


    The Norwegian railroad company NSB is the largest railroad company in Norway, and handle all passenger trains running in Norway. They use Imageshop as their DAM.

  • Moods of Norway

    Moods of Norway

    Moods of Norway are an international fashion company. They have integrated Imageshop with their back-office systems, and use Imageshop for all their product images.

  • Niras Danmark


    Niras is one of the largest consulting engineering companies in Denmark. They use Imageshop to facilitate access to internal images and documents.

  • Nutreco


    Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed. They  employ approximately 11.000 people in more than 35 countries, and use Imageshop as their Brand Portal.

  • Admiral Hotel

    Admiral Hotel

    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is a four star hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. They use Imageshop to distribute media assets to internal and external users.

  • Widerøe

    Widerøes Flyveselskap

    Widerøes has been awarded European Airline of the Year 2012/13 by ERA, and they use Imageshop to make their media assets available to end-users in a simple way. The solution included an import of all images from their previous solution.

  • Color Line

    Color Line

    Colorline has an advanced solution for both images and video. It is used to distribute media assets to internal and external users. The solution is integrated with their graphic departement and their website.

  • De historiske hotel og spisesteder

    The Historic hotels and restaurants

    The Historic hotels and restaurants in Norway use Imageshop to keep track of their media assets and to distribute images to press and members.

  • Business Region Bergen

    Business Region Bergen

    BRB uses Imageshop media asset management to simplify distribution of images to members and press. They needed a simple and easy system to use, and Imageshop provides just that.

  • Kampsportforbundet

    Martial Arts Association

    The Norwegian Martial Arts Association uses Imageshop internally and externally for image distribution to members and press.

  • Skien Kommune

    Skien Municipality

    They use Imageshop to store and distribute their images for internal use, and they are in the process of integrating Imageshop with EPI server using Imageshop API.

  • Fiskeri og havbruksnæringens landsforening FHL


    The Norwegian Seafood Federation stores both video and images in Imageshop. The primary goal for their solution is to facilitate distribution of digital assets to end-users.

  • Christiania glassmagasin

    Christiania Glassmagasin

    They use Imageshop in cooperation with Porsgrund porselen and Hadeland glassverk. They have integrated Imageshop with Microsoft NAV for easy access to product images.

  • VisitNorway.com

    Uses Imageshop media bank with both external and internal interfaces. They are currently also using Imageshops service for storing, distribution and streaming of video.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Imageshop media bank is at the base of Norway image bank and distributes photos for internal use in the organisation and to the embassies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is using several different interfaces of Imageshop.

  • Fjordtravel

    Fjord Norway

    Regional tourist board for the fjord region, Møre og Romsdal, Sogn og fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland. Fjord Norway is using Imageshop to distribute photos to travel agencies and press all over the world.

  • Nortura

    Nortura is Norway's leading supplier of meat and eggs. They supply the contry's major brands, Gilde and Prior etc. Nortura is using Imageshop for stucturing and distribution of their media files.

  • The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

    The Norwegian Directorate for Edukation and Training is responsible for the development of kindergarten and primary and secondary education.

    They are using Imageshop to distribute their media files internally and to their partners.

  • VisitOSLO

    Official travel guide for Oslo with updated information on activites in Oslo.

    VisitOSLO is using Imageshop as a channel for branding material for Oslo as a travel destination.

  • Visit Flåm

    Well-known travel destination, servicing Sognefjorden (trips and activities), the Flåm Railway, Flåm Cruise harbour, etc. Screentek provides them with a booking solution, media bank and complete web solutions.

  • Sørlie

    Sørlie AS is a graphic company with long traditions and focus on quality and the clients needs.

    Sørlie is using Imageshop for distributing photos to their major users.

  • Hemsedal Tourist Office

    Hemsedal Tourist Office supplies information about lodging and activities in the Hemsedal-area of Norway.

    They are using Imageshop for branding photos and media.

  • Innovasjon Norge

    Innovation Norway

    Uses Imageshop media bank with both external and internal interfaces. They are also using Imageshop's service for storing, distribution and streaming of video.

  • Fløybanen

    Fløybanen Funicular

    The Fløibanen Funicular in Bergen is one of the most popular attractions in Norway. It is easy to find, in the heart of Bergen. Fløybanen has fantastic photos stored in Imageshop!

  • Hardangerfjord


    Hardangerfjord supplies information on activities, experiences and practical information in Hardanger. They are using Imageshop for branding photos and media.