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Image bank for photographers

Available anywhere - anytime

Imageshop can be delivered as a tailored solution for photographers, where the images are easily accessible for the end users in a simple and straightforward way. The pictures taken by the photographer is uploaded to Imageshop and the client is sent a username and password. The client can log on to the solution and see the pictures. It's also possible for the client to order the pictures through Imageshop.

This solution can also be intergrated with a payment solution, and thus give you a complete e-commerce solution for photographers.

Imageshop for photographers is an ideal solution for both school- and kindergarten photographers, and photographers targeting the private og corporate market.

Imageshop is 100 % web-based and is easily administrated as long as you have access to a browser. Imageshop is delivered as Software As A Service (SAAS) and you don't have to worry about web hosting, servers or other practical issues to get your image archive on air.

Imageshop is delivered with your design. We can either deliver it based on our own templates, or develope templates tailored to you. Images can be shown as thumbnails and watermarked images. It is up to you whether the clients will be able to order photos automatically or after a manuell approval, and if they will be able to download high-resolution images directly from your image archive or if you want to send the images directly to them after they have sent in an order.

You can upload the photos during the photoshoot or at a later stage if you wish to edit the photos before they are made accessible for the client.

The result is nevertheless a better experience for your clients!

Read more about product functions in Imageshop.

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