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Image bank for tourism

Imageshop is tailored for distribution of tourism photos. That is why we have created some features particularly useful for our tourism clients. Imageshop has been delivered to tourism clients all over Norway, and all of them are among our most important clients.

Unique mapping solution

Imageshop's unique mapping solution reads GPS-coordinates directly from the image file, and transfers the image to the mapping solution when it is uploaded. Imageshop does this automatically, so you do not have to do anything. The image is shown on the map, and you can search the image base by changing the map section. This is one of the many exciting news in version 4.0!

Effective web-based image distribution

Imageshop's effective image distribution online ensures high availability for travel agencies, journalists and tour operators. At the same time, the system controls the access, making sure that users only have access to the content intended for them. This ensures a flexible system that can be used by several different types of users, with different access-levels.

Unlimited numbers of interfaces

Imageshop's option of multiple interfaces with different images for different purposes has proved itself to be very useful. Marketing against different target groups or of different products are some examples of this. This provides an opportunity to differentiate the content for different groups.

Sharing of images with other Imageshop portals

Imageshop gives you the opportunity for sharing of images between other clients of the system. This gives local destination businesses able to distribute their photos through each other portals. An example of this type of sharing is through Innovation Norway's image portal (the national tourism authority). The sharing goes both ways, and the clients themselves control what parts of the content are shareable.

Read about more functions in Imageshop.

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