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Our DAM solution features

Imageshop is an image bank that is packed with functions and can be customized to suit your requirements. Set up categories, tags and keywords, and your own search functionality to optimize the benefits for your business or organization.

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Secure and stable storage and backup

Imageshop provides secure storage and always delivers the best quality available from your original files.

The system uses Amazon’s EU-based Cloud services, located in some of the biggest and most secure data centres in the world. Continuous backups are taken, which means that every time a change occurs, a backup copy is also initiated. You can therefore be completely confident that your files are safe when stored in the imageshop media bank.

We also offer additional storage on Scandinavian servers.

All Imageshop data that is stored or transported between or from our servers is encrypted with the most secure algorithms and Imageshop handles personal data in accordance with local and European data protection legislation (GDPR).

With imageshop, you no longer need to think about maintenance and backup. Everything is covered by the licence fee which you pay for the system. And you can choose the level of service that best suits you.

Imageshop guarantees that everything will run smoothly.

Drag & drop uploading

Drag and drop your files easily from your disk or desktop to Imageshop. With Imageshop’s mobile app, you can also upload and tag images directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Easily label and tag files

Even before your files have been uploaded to the image archive, you can tag and categorize them. Tagging files so that you can easily retrieve them is one of the most important features of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, and Imageshop allows you to do this very efficiently.

Imageshop reads all metadata stored in files you upload, Imageshop can interpret your images automatically using AI and OCR and applies automatic tags. In addition, you can effectively tag several files at once through Imageshop's efficient manual tagging process. All metadata that enters the image bank in this way becomes searchable for you and your users and enables you to easily find the content you are looking for.

Powerful search function

Imageshop ensures that it is not only easy to add new files, but that they are also easy to retrieve!

Imageshop uses categories, tags, metadata and text to index all your files. End users have access to categories, filters and of course text searches.

This makes it fast and easy to find what you’re looking for!

Online Brand Guide

Set up your Brand Guide in Imageshop with guidelines and instructions, and direct downloading of images, videos, logos and graphics. It only takes you a few hours to set up your Imageshop Brand Guide. Use our template as your starting point, then drag and drop elements to create the structure which suits your business.

Save and share your searches

You can save your favourite searches in Imageshop, and share any of your searches with other users, internal and external.

You can set up e-mail notification if the content of a saved search changes. This makes it easy to keep up to date with new images for your areas of interest.

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