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Consent management directly in your image bank


Are you sure that you have the consent you need to use a certain image? Does it comply with GDPR? This will be a familiar problem for those who work with digital media files. But now you can say goodbye to PDF-forms, laborious correspondence and inadequate documentation. Here are the tools that make consent management and data protection for your images a piece of cake.

GDPR has been a headache for many businesses, also with respect to images and videos. While some have invested major resources in restructuring in line with the regulation, others have let things trot along. The first option is expensive, while the second is a criminal offence. However, Imageshop gives you an intuitive solution that saves you a lot of time, while also ensuring that your images are used in line with GDPR.

Consent must be documented

Imageshop is a smart archive for safe storage of media files, be they videos, images or documents. In short, you can safely and securely gather all your businesses’ digital files in one place. The solution has simple share functions, which makes external sharing as easy as internal use. At the click of a button, you can send a link to partners, customers or whomever you like.

Moving on to GDPR and data protection. If you are going to use images of people, whether they are staff members or hired professionals, you must obtain their consent. You also have to be able to document that you’ve done so. Afraid of making mistakes, some businesses have deleted their entire image archive. Others have initiated complicated processes to establish an overview of active consent.

However, there is an easier option.

Easily obtain consent to use images

You don’t need a separate system in Imageshop to document which images have what types of consent. Instead of wasting time on cross-checking, you can have everything you need in one place.

When you send a declaration of consent to an end user through Imageshop, they get the opportunity to upload a selfie. Using AI and facial recognition, the system will automatically find all the images they appear in. Then they can decide which images they consent to being used – and for what purpose.

Everything is then automatically updated in the image bank. If you come across an image that does not require consent, you can enter the reason why. This enables everyone, including those who have been photographed, to be aware of the rules etc.

Solid data protection builds trust

If the person who has been photographed would like to see the photos you have of him or her, which GDPR gives them the right to demand, you can do so by clicking a few buttons. Should someone wish to withdraw their consent, they can do so easily. And the image bank naturally updates automatically when this has been done.

Is a declaration of consent about to expire? You will be notified well in advance, so you can take action.

We take data protection seriously here at Imageshop, and we believe that giving people the right to decide over their own images and information builds trust. Not just to meet minimum GDPR requirements, but also because it shows that we care. And when the solution also saves you time, gives you more control and better documentation, we think we can go as far as to say it’s a no-brainer.

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